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This episode is all about the tactics and tools that you need to be 2% better, and why life is really a battle between 49 and 51. Towards the end of the episode, we talk about the different conferences we’ve seen and the upcoming Biohacking Congress in London.

Who is Kaspars Vendelis?

Creator and founder of 3-day-live-program and online program RESTARTS for synchronizing brain, nervous system and life purpose.

Cofounder of the biohacking.lv movement, community and organizer of the largest biohacking conference in the Baltics.

Renaissance man.

Serial entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle and top performance promoter.

Systemic improvement of wellbeing by science, technology and nature. Emphasizing the one neglected area of biohacking – social aspect.

Author, communicator, public speaker and mentor of strategies to self-improvement, to high performance, to longevity (through mental models).

Nowadays this biohacking is applied to raising 3 children, optimizing for sleep, right foods i.e. cooking, fasting, brain health, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular systems.


[3:12] Kaspars talks about the idea of how to be 2% better

[7:57] The casino analogy

[13:31] Practical tools that people can use to go from 49 to 51 percent

[20:53] Kaspars talks about his two to three-day retreats

[25:01] What exactly is the idea of rebirthing breathing?

[35:12] Insights from Kaspars’ talk for the Biohacking Congress in London in 2020


Making Sense of a Complex World through Mental Models with Kaspars Vendelis

Biohacking Congress, London

Biohacking Conference in Riga, Latvia

Biohacking Fest in Kiev

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Just Breathe by Dan Brule

The Body Keeps the Score

Letting Go by David Hawkins

Minimum effective movement with Pamela Gold

Kaspars’ Restart Retreats

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Continue Your High Performance Journey With Kaspars




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