Exercise: From Overdoing it to Play


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This is the first of the reflections episodes. In these 20 minutes, I break down three key takeaways from the past 121 episodes on exercise. To do this, I brought back some old friends: Wolfgang Unsoeld, Darryl Edwards, and Dr. Doug McGuff to discuss how to move from overdoing it to play.


[1:14] Wolfgang Unsoeld, strength trainer of Olympic Athletes

[4:17] Finding a workout regimen to support your life goals

[8:12] Darryl Edwards, Author of Animal Moves and TedX speaker

[12:10] Play and removing measurement from exercise... some of the time

[17:02] Dr. Doug McGuff, author of Body by Science

[20:39] Minimum effective dose movement


Exercise and Supplementation for High Performance with Wolfgang Unsoeld

Embracing Play with Darryl Edwards

The World's Most Efficient Workout with Dr. Doug McGuff

Your Personal Strength Institute

Body by Science by Dr. Doug McGuff

Animal Moves by Darryl Edwards

Primal Play Website

Why Working Out Isn't Working Out - Darryl Edwards at TedX

Dr. Doug McGuff Website


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