Staying On-Center in an Off-Kilter World


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We definitely live in interesting times. So many things are changing, old wounds are being re-opened, and new ones are being inflicted, many of them simply by words.

When all your friends are screaming at each other over their political beliefs and social preferences, how can you keep your cool?

Hosts Judi Vitale and Jasa Johnson, and returning guest Mel Finnerty will offer suggestions about how one can maintain a sound sense of social responsibility while also staying off the emotional (and relationship-wrecking) roller coaster that is the arena of political opinion.

Topics include:

Who are you and what do you really believe?

When can you make a difference, and what do you do when events are simply not under your control?

If you are angry, why is it that you are angry?

Are your feelings your own, or are they being influenced by what you are told you are “supposed” to think?

When you feel powerless, what do you do? Do you acknowledge there is just so much you can have an effect on your surroundings, or do you lash out in anger? Retreat into depression?

When you get upset with someone, is the reason you’re upset with them connected with a relationship from your past, say, with an impossible parent or an abusive sibling?

Judi, Jasa and Mel also discuss ways you can keep your center in a turbulent world.


Mary "Mel" Finnerty is the Founder of Sacred Gatherings and Events in Sedona, Arizona. She is also a Light Worker, Transformational Mentor, Events Producer, Business Coach, Adventure Workshop Leader, and a Sedona Property Steward. For more about Mel, visit

Twitter @SacredGathering


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Episode 11 | August 22, 2017

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