Ep 206 – Striving to do less


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With Cal away on vacation, he decides to tackle 8 questions in a row, all in one take, with no breaks!
Ian Fleming’s writing process [1:13]
- How can I get a tech job without credentials? [8:04]
- How do I make progress on tasks in a chaotic job? [10:52]
- Why do you have a problem with social media? [16:07]
- What should I do to succeed in my first internship? [24:16]
- What does Cal think about YouTube shorts? [26:37]
- Is it possible to avoid studying all the time in medical school? [29:14]
- What do you think of Oliver Burkeman’s work on productivity in Four Thousand Weeks? [37:51]
- Can I maintain a social life if I move to the country? [43:41]
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