Family Dynamics: A Side of Cray on Turkey Day


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If you’re listening to this episode on the day it comes out, Thanksgiving is only two days away. While you’ve likely been preparing food for the big meal, it’s also important to prepare yourself mentally: what you’re thinking, what you should actually say, and how you can find a balance between the two at the dinner table. Our hosts also reveal their dream Thanksgiving guests, explain why babysitters deserve more than minimum wage, and discuss when you should forget the five-second rule.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Matt and Tara think their families seem weirder the older they get
  • Tara reveals the most awkward best man speech she’s ever heard
  • The best of the worst Thanksgiving table interactions
  • Matt’s die-hard rule for eating what you want at Thanksgiving
  • Wine Matters: Matt’s new segment on the most versatile potluck drink.


“If it’s not free, it’s gotta be on sale.”

“Your in-laws are the good kind of crazy that you can laugh at and tell people about.”

“But just because it evolves into something different, doesn’t mean it can’t also be great.”

“Joke’s on him: I don’t know how to iron either!”

“I am a firm believer that once you get to a certain age, you can say whatever you want to.”

“You cannot keep your guard up and eat at the same time.”

“If you want to be really impressive—especially if you want to come to my Thanksgiving—walk in with wine.”

“If it looks like a cartoon on the wine label, don’t get it.”

“You guys can do things without posting them and getting people to rally around you!”

“Not all change is bad. You never know what characters are gonna come along the way and change everything up for the better.”


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