Siblings: Yes, Your Parents Have a Favorite


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It’s an uncomfortable truth to confront but at some point in your adult life, you have to come to terms with it: yes, your parents have a favorite kid. This and a bunch of other factors have caused so much—if we’re being honest, hilarious—strife between siblings. So for this episode, Matt and Tara discuss all the highs and lows of sibling competition: gift giving! birth order! making the best impression on a parent. They also debate the merits of gift cards and going into overdrive with the breast pump.

Episode Highlights:

  • The reason Matt is in a grumpier mood than usual
  • Figuring out if birth order stereotypes apply to Matt and Tara
  • What it was like for Matt to be the baby brother to a bunch of sisters
  • How siblings turn the holiday gift exchange into a deadly competition
  • The non-biological siblings we make along the way
  • Matt’s failed attempt to curry extra favor with his mother
  • Tara confronts the horror of “power-pumping”


“My most recent text to Tara was ‘I am going to strangle you’.”

“If we wanted to listen to this crazy lady rant, we would’ve married her.”

“You know you have a big family if you have the automatic gratuity added to your check.”

“We both got old enough to understand that each other’s personalities weren’t personal attacks on each other.”

“There’s nothing that can piss siblings off more than when somebody tries to one-up the other on a Christmas gift.”

“You getting a sister at what would have been ten years old, I don’t think that poor child would have made it.”

“My mother WILL outlive me.”

“At the end of the day, I do think—’til my dying breath know that my sister was the favorite of my parents.”

“I love my brothers. I would love them a lot more if one of them was engaged.”

“The thing we have in common the most, that we can always bond over, is that our parents are lunatics and we are just trying to survive this together.”

“If you are power-pumping, R.I.P. to your nipples.”


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