Technology: No Siri, We Aren’t Talking to You


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Be it Matt’s love of ride-sharing or Tara’s eternal struggle with Chase Bank, modern technology has no shortage of ways to both make our lives simpler and confuse us endlessly. So this week, they’re discussing all things tech: the highs, the lows, and the straight-up weird stuff. Matt and Tara compare how much time they spend on their phones, explore the little ways we incriminate ourselves through social media, and are surprised by a special guest appearance by none other than Siri herself!

Episode Highlights:

  • Why a simple photo is the reason for why Tara’s in such a good mood
  • Hubba: an Uber driver’s worst nightmare
  • Tara regails us with her misadventures in stalking
  • How telephone etiquette declines with age
  • Tara’s unchecked text messages: sign of a busy woman or desperate cry for attention?
  • Looking back on The Jetsons as inspiration for future tech
  • The unexpected thrill of riding in a car with Banana
  • How Tara exorcises the demons of arguments long since past


“My innocent family has been drug through the mud!”

“If y’all can’t tell, we’re in a manic state.”

“Stalking does have its benefits but it can also make you even crazier.”

“Oh, you just pay your bill every month but I’m the one bragging here?!”

“I am able to buy stuff that I ordinarily would not buy, but because I can order at three in the morning.”

“Even with all of the technology we have, it’s still a pain in the ass to rent a car.”

“I still have to wait a day, even with Amazon, so I wanna be able to just to reach in the computer and pull it out.”

“I want a vending machine computer!”

“She hits a curb so hard that B is born in the car and is so scared that she climbs back in.”

“You are such a small child!”

“The government probably has a file on me that says, like, ‘50% boring, 50% super weird’.”

“If anything ever happens to Hubba, I am so screwed. I better have an airtight alibi.”

“The older you get, the more you do lose a grip on technology.”


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