Television: Bingeworthy vs. Cringeworthy


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The subject at hand on today’s Deeply Shallow is all things television: favorite shows, binge-watching, and the history of reality TV—and yes, we’re talking about going back all the way to the early MTV The Real World days. In this episode, Tara tests Matt on his Real Housewives knowledge, Matt indulges in some pre-streaming, pre-DVR TV nostalgia, and they both discuss their weird TV habits.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introducing Matt “Wine Belfort” Hanley
  • How Tara had a morning so bad it went right back around to being hilarious
  • Matt explains why he thinks Andy Cohen is a genius
  • Matt gives Tara a history lesson on MTV and the evolution of reality shows
  • Tara elaborates on her impressive binge-watching abilities
  • What are the hosts desert island TV shows?
  • The sweet lullaby that is the All My Children theme
  • The Juice Box Incident


“I’m not a monster! I’m not just gonna damage things and leave them on the ground!”

“I’ve never been able to binge to the level you have.”

“Getting exhausted sitting on my ass and watching TV? No.”

“My only exhaustion is when my daughter bosses me around.”

“I’m into the murder.”

“If you haven’t been holding it, having to go to the bathroom for at least two hours, you’re not binging.”

“If you’re not careful, you start putting out the same product every year.”

“I haven’t seen a commercial in so long.”

“You think my anxiety is bad now? Imagine if I had to wait week to week for my shows? I’d be out of control!”

“I want to understand all the memes, but I don’t wanna have to watch any of the shows.”

“Laughing at yourself and laughing at others is like the basis of all humor and comedy.”

“Even if the comedian is not great, I’m gonna have enough drinks where I’m gonna laugh.”

“I can’t stay up all night! Neither can a lot of our listeners!”

“We’re at the point where we’re throwing our back out sneezing.”


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