#5 - Hoplon Special with Micha Niskin


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*Follow up* We retain our status as the top vegetarian Clojure podcast. Phew. Maria Geller’s video - in which she did a great job of explaining how the CLJS compiler works and provides some interface to the contribution process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elg17s_nwDg *News* Euro Clojure - Bratislava tickets are on sale. Defn will be there *Main discussion - ClojureScript UI - Hoplon Special* http://hoplon.io Welcome to Micha Niskin - co-author of the awesome Hoplon library collection Potted history of Micha and the main goals of Hoplon Hoplon - LISP based DOM manipulation Javelin - Spreadsheet data flow model Castra - CQRS, RPC Comparison to React / Rum / Reagent *Credits* Special Guest: Micha Niskin. Thanks Micha and please look after those nukes. Music: Thanks to the very talented ptzery for the permitting us to use his music on the opening and closing of the podcast. This track is Melon Hamburger. You can give his work some ❤️ and hear more on his SoundCloud.

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