#4 - Immutable Persistent Collections


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Overview of Persistent Collections - Intro | Follow-up | News - Discussion on community relations - Immutable Persistent Collections List vs Vector - Linked list vs tree implementation Map vs Set - Key can be anything - KV | Unique KV - Relational operations on set are outside of core Seq library - ISeq (first, rest, cons) - Interop with Java utterable - Functions are written to work against the Seq interface - Seq in, Seq out Immutability and Persistence - What is it? - Why is it important? - Implementation Lazy collections - What does it mean to be lazy? - What does it mean to hold on the head? Eager operations - Sometimes you need side effects so you cannot be lazy - Doall, doseq Persistent vs. Transient - Performance SPECTER - Nathan Marz - Ensure output format of collection operations is controlled - Editing operations Community contributed collections - shout out to - Chris Houser - Data.zip - Michał Marczyk - Ctries and AVL - Mark Engelberg - Priority maps - Lean Hash Maps Peter Schuck See the podcast web site http://defn.audio for links

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