How I’m Spending the Apocalypse: In a Hospital Bed in Boston


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On April 5, 2020, as states and countries become deeply entrenched in open-ended lockdowns due to COVID-19, Glenn Campbell finds himself in an unexpected place: a cancer ward in Boston. After 13 days at Beth Israel Hospital, he is beginning treatment for a relapse of his lymphoma, with a good chance of recovery in about 4 months. In this personal episode, light on demography, Glenn describes his treatment plan and cancer history. He also provides some insight into how a big-city hospital is dealing with COVID-19. Is it pandemonium in the wards. Are the staff stressed beyond the breaking point? As far as Glenn can tell, the answer is no. The hospital continues to function pretty much as it normally has. The virus requires many change in procedure, but there is one compensation for the staff: No more annoying visitors. Glenn can be seen recording this podcast in the YouTube version, direct from his hospital bed. — Also see — Instagram & Twitter: @DemographicDoom — See the video version of this episode for notes, comments & corrections: [ep 37, 6 April 2020]

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