37: Invest In Your PDR Co and Do Dents In 60 Seconds!


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Whether you buy PDR tools or attend PDR seminars, it's always considered an investment in yourself and your company. Learn how the upcoming events are crucial to growing your

Also, are you leaving money on the table by offering your potential customer with just one repair option? Find out how you can add a $1000 a week in minutes!

Latest Events

Keco Training Glue Pulling 4-5 and their open hourse party the 5 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc4KcsBmg6bKEH-N0jBQ8b6BFY7LRheOwk2emKy_dyK7j1QaA/viewform

Latest PDR Seminars and Open House's

Anson Open House Friday, April 19th in Fort Worth, TX https://www.ansonpdr.com

A Dive Into Stanliner Tools and Workshop / IMI EV April 25-26 and IMI EV Sat April 27 @ Dent Kraft in Minnesota


PDR Repair Secrets Workshop / Seminar / IMI EV @ PDR Cananda in Alberta, Canada May 16-19


IMI EV Course @ Dent Time San Diego / Escondido Saturday, May 25.


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