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Includes Meditation to connect with deities.

This week Modern Mystic, Astrologer, Wellness Influencer & Women’s Empowerment Coach, Natalia Benson, joins us on DENtalks Podcast! Natalia takes us through her journey from struggling with drug addiction in her twenties to finally tapping into her power in her thirties. She encourages all women to honor their feminine energy and their inner wisdom. We chat all things astrology and natal charts - she even shares some interesting new points to look out for on your chart and how they correlate with past and future lives. We decode horoscopes, discuss real relationship lessons, the magic of kundalini, how to manifest, and the importance of surrounding yourself with badass women who support you. Natalia is a beacon of light, and lucky for us she announces that she is writing a book (coming soon) and even gives us some juicy details about what it’s about! She leads us through a beautiful meditation to connect us with deities.

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