Howard Speaks: Are You Female-Friendly?


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Female-friendly Lowe's started in 1946 and has 2,197 locations. Home Depot started in 1978 and has 2,296 locations. Home Depot focused on men because 90% of the 11.4 million U.S. construction industry workers were males while Lowe’s focused on females because they knew home improvement decisions are made by women, who also make 75% of all dental appointments. OB-GYN became a specialty in 1880 and was founded by the horrible unethical man James Marion Sims who is credited as the “father of modern gynecology”. The word hysterical comes from Latin hystericus "of the womb" thought to be exclusive to women sending them into uncontrollable and neurotically insane owing to a dysfunction of the uterus, the removal of which is still called a hysterectomy to this day. Today women comprise 58% of practicing OB-GYNs and 84% of residents, with males down to 16%. Today 52% of pediatric dentists are female up from 14% in 1998. Today dental school graduation classes are now 51% female vs 46% in 2009, 35% in 1999, 27% in 1989, and 11% in 1979. If you want to be a cosmetic dentist it really helps to be hot, and if you want to be a pediatric dentist it really helps to be a mom. So, if you’re one of those unfortunate bastards like me who’s mother was fined for littering whenever she dropped me off at school and always had me hold the camera to take the family photo, you should focus on dental implants since ugly goes all the way down to the bone.

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