Howard Speaks: Dentists could hit a Hank Aaron sized grand slam


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Dentists could hit a Hank Aaron sized grand slam if they could just learn and implement any of the major business lessons that Denny’s have used in over 1,702 locations since Harold Butler and Richard Jezak founded the first Denny’s in 1953 in Lakewood, California. Denny’s are 24/7/365 explaining why in 1988 more than 700 of their 1,221 stores didn’t even have locks. During an economic contraction being poised for growth means you’re conveniently available, with low enough overheard, to perform profitable, high volume quality dental services with low prices. During an economic expansion… this strategy is even better. I’d rather own McDonalds (MCD) any day with a $177 Billion market cap than Ruth Chris (RUTH) with a $700 Million market cap.

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