Howard Speaks: Do You Have ED?


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Do you have ED? Come on doc, it's really not that hard. The hospital Emergency Department (ED) patients are admitted for treatment 15% percent of the time, resulting in profits of 8% on low paying government insurance Medicaid and Medicare and 40% on high paying privately insured patients. This is why oral surgeons earn $448K and endodontists earn $307K because they all have ED - Emergency Department that know they have to see every emergency from their Too 10 referrals which is why they always have an extra one or two emergence department operatories that no one is ever scheduled in unlike my general dentist homies who only earn $197K while telling the patient they don’t have an opening today and then telling me and their denral supply rep that they can’t afford an extra operatory. Please tell your friendly oral surgeon and endodontist that I told you he had ED and please, no hard feelings. Check out this topic on Dentaltown

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