Howard Speaks: How do you manage people?


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First you need to stop doing it backwards. If you get the wrong person you spend all your time managing that person, you get poor results, and then you look like a bad manager. Get the right person who is already internally motivated, loves to work, loves their new job, who gets along with people, now you barely have to manage them and they’re making you look like a pro, because that’s how the pro’s do it. Sporting teams couldn’t manage me to be an NFL quarterback or the next ballerina. Your new hire has to already have the natural ability first. As far as turnover, it should mostly be at the new employee beginning as you and/or the new hire find out the new job isn’t a fit and then at the other end have employees that have been with you since the beginning. Whenever the person doing all the hiring is the only person in the company who’s been there for more than five years and no one else has made it five years then the wrong person is doing all the hiring.

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