Howard Speaks: How to start your new dental office from scratch with no money down


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How to buy a dental office with no money down. Back in the day, owners carried risk, but sellers had skin in the game. We didn’t have 3rd-party banks financing $1M+ dental practices to broke kids fresh out of dental school, getting their poor parents to co-sign, where if their kid couldn’t do the numbers and it went south, then it was an emotional disaster for the whole family. Greed sucks. Find a job as an associate where the owner/mentor Doc knows you want to buy it after an appropriately long courtship period. Have Doc finance it at 10% over seven years so everyone has skin in the game. If they don’t want to be on the hook for the whole enchilada, then stand your ground with the seller-Doc that they must at least carry half the risk. Otherwise, the seller doesn’t have faith in you like I do! You didn’t go to dental school for eight years to be somebody’s bitch. Just stop letting fear live rent-free between your ears and invest in yourself! If you work like no one has for a decade, then you can live like no one has for the rest of your life. Same advice for starting a family, I made my four boys in 60 months. So don’t overthink it, just get this party started.

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