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On Voice and Democracy With Louise Gholam (Leisure BA) in conversation with Agata Jaworska and Arif Kornweitz A radio-cum-backpack, the project 'Hackacity' is a response to the political system of democracy, which often can feel removed from the voices of the people it represents. How can constituents of a city have a stronger voice in the decisions that are made on their behalf, particularly in so-called ‘smart’ city developments, where in initiatives like Stratumseind Living Lab passively detect the motion and voices of pedestrians, but tend not to involve their voice in decision-making processes? Through conversations that are broadcasted on local radio stations, Louise Gholam engages citizens and asks how they feel towards issues that are shaping their city. Diplomatic actor, and link between citizens and institutions, Louise speaks of a process that she continuously needed to reshape, adapting her ambitions based on the reality on the street. In part inspired by vocal political engagements she witnessed while growing up in Lebanon, Louise also reflects upon the role that cultural backgrounds are made to play at the Academy, and the difficulties of being a translator between two contexts. Please note: This is the second graduation project of Louise, which is not present at the Graduation Show.

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