DAE Design Research Podcast - Vera van den Burg on Subjectivity and Artificial Intelligence


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On Subjectivity and Artificial Intelligence Vera van der Burg (Contextual Design MA) in conversation with Agata Jaworska and Arif Kornweitz Vera van der Burg speaks of her educational background in neuroscience, and her struggle in bridging gaps between science and design as they are understood at the department of Contextual Design. What tools, languages, and other tactics enabled her to create a meaningful exchange, and produce a work that would resonate in her department, and speak to a broader audience? Her quest resulted in an installation 'Still Life' that speaks to the core of human-machine differences, based on the binary logic that continues to pin subjectivity opposite to objectivity. Will machines ever be able to emulate a human understanding of things, and is that even desirable?

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