EP 027 – Nomadic Life with Paul Kortman


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Paul Kortman is a certified nerd, a nomad and a marketing extraordinaire who has loaned his insights to a variety of businesses. In 2010, Paul combined his 12 years of expertise in Information Technology, and digital marketing into his agency, Connex Digital Marketing. Since then Paul has gone on to co-found three other companies and help countless businesses succeed through marketing and increased sales. In the last 7 years doing various projects for his clients, Paul and the team at Connex have found a couple of simple techniques which mean their clients win every time. When he is not busy helping business startups, he loves to travel with his wife and 4 lovely kids and they live on the road as a location independent family. Say yes to living the life you want, as Paul and ‘Tina chat about living a nomadic life. Connect with Paul Kortman at homealongtheway.com and nomadtogether.com and connexdigitalmarketing.com Connect with ‘Tina Murray at http://tinamurray.com/ Connect with ‘Tina on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TinaMurrayInsideAngle

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