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Get the featured cocktail recipes: Milanese Sour & She’s Kaler-er Queen

Pt. 2 Yes, there’s a bit of warmth in the air, the sweet melody of the songbird can be heard and our gardens are all abloom. So, you know what that must mean, it’s time for our Spring Fling Like You Mean It episodes! Amy Hosseinnian and Julien-Pierre Bourgon join us to stir-up their versions of Spring-in-a-glass, as guest barkeep, Duane Sylvester serves up a few of his frolic-inducing concoctions.

You don’t want to miss a second of this 2-part episode. 3 amazing bartenders share their approach to crafting cocktails and recipes to 4 delicious cocktails that are sure to brighten your day and inspire you to go tiptoeing through the tulips.

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