Episode 17 – Eliminate Back Pain and Build Function Through Strength with Ted Dreisinger


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Hello listeners, folk young and old alike! This is Brandon Olin, and welcome to another episode of The Deskbound Podcast, where I interview experts who reveal the worst of what’s making you unhealthy, and share the most effective ways for you to fight back.

After putting out a number of episodes for the keto crowd, I was happy to mix things up with this episode where I could talk with an expert about one of the problems that plagued me early on in my career, chronic back pain. This interview’s particularly timely as I’ve just put together a FREE workshop on the topic of sedentary life and the damage it does to your health, back pain included!

In this workshop you’ll learn why an hour at the gym won’t undo 23 hours of sitting, why back pain is such a common problem in people who work at a desk, a 10 second practice that’ll help you deal with the increasingly common issue of chronic stress, and what to do about everything I just mentioned! So go to deskbound.co/workshop to sign up!

My guest today is Dr. Ted Dreisinger. Ted’s doctorate is in exercise science, and his career of 40 years has covered many aspects of rehab, sports medicine, and orthopedics. He’s written extensively for many medical journals, and is the President of Therapy Advisors, and organization that develops solutions for managing chronic back pain for use by medical practices.

In that chat Ted and I discuss the influence of private industry on back pain care, the benefits of strength training for back pain that traditional back pain care misses, why medical professionals have incentive to ignore data that criticizes their approach, and much more.

So enjoy this chat with back pain expert, Dr. Ted Dreisinger.

Notes and resources:

Contact Ted: tdreisinger [at] therapyadvisors [dot] com


3:30 – Ted’s story, how he went from a PHD in exercise science to focus exclusively on strength training as a therapy for back pain

9:30 – How a portion of muscle is removed during a discectomy, and will often lead to further damage in the future

13:15 – The methodology Ted applies for back pain and how it differs from the traditional approaches to chiropractic care

16:15 – The influence of private industry on the back pain care that many receive

21:15 – How an industry can evolve with so many people believing they’re right while offering solutions contrary to one another

27:15 – The benefits of strength training for the back that traditional back pain care misses

31:00 – Why people in the medical field respond so strongly to evidence that conflicts with their approach

33:15 – Why medical professionals have an incentive to avoid admitting they were wrong in their prior thoughts about what’s best for peoples health

37:35 – What the studies around strength training for improving back pain have shown

41:35 – How improving physical capacity through strength training translates to daily life

46:15 – Strength training to treat back pain vs other approaches

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