73. Desolation goes Viral 3: Coronavirus primer w. Dr Christian Maine


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Dan talks to immunologist Dr Christian Maine about Covid-19. Everything you always wanted to know about viruses(but were afraid to ask). [2:05] What is a virus? [4:10] How do viruses affect the immune system? [6:10] How did the virus originate? [7:55] Covid-19 as part of a group of coronaviruses. [9:40] Symptoms and asymptomatic spread. [13:30] Herd Immunity. [16:15] Situation in the US. [18:28] Viral spread. [23:50]: Differences between antibody and antigen tests. [30:58] Manufacturing tests. [37:58] Manufacturing vaccines. [40:25] Ending the lockdown before a vaccine. [44:15] Can people who have had Covid-19 still carry/spread the virus? [46:45] Is the virus likely to mutate?

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