Red Hat, AMD, Steam, PinePhone Pre-Orders, Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Edge & Defender – DL147


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Topics covered in this episode:

Cannonical Pledges Support For Rasp 4
Red Hat 8.1 Released
Microsoft to Release Edge Browser For Linux
Microsoft Defender
Pinephone Preorder Launch
AMD Unveils Next Gen Threadripper
Steam Streaming Service

Software Spotlight:
This software spotlight comes one of the hosts of the new podcast, DLNXtend:

> Since I am a KDE Plasma user and I do a lot in the web when it comes to researching and I think you should give KDE Falkon a try. It is not feature rich and lacks the Plasma Integration and ability to access DRM encumbered sources but outside of that, it has much less memory usage than Chrome or Firefox. I have been using it for nearly everything as of late. It might be wroth a try.
> —
> CubicleNate

Tips & Tricks:
Check diskspace with df command. The most popular and generically popular version is to add the -h switch to the end for human readable format. This will let you know the diskspace used and available across your system or servers. It’s easy to remeber and faster than a GUI.

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