Destination Linux 195: Interview with Fedora's Project Lead, Matthew Miller


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Destination Linux 195: Interview with Marcin Jakubowski of Open Source Ecology - Hosted by Ryan, Noah & Michael

This week we have an exciting interview in store for you with the Project Lead of Fedora, Matthew Miller! We're going to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Libre Office and talk about their conference happening this week! In the Gaming section this week, Debian of all things announced they were putting on a Gaming Focused Conference event in November so we'll discuss what that could mean. Later in the show, we'll give you our popular tips/tricks and software picks. Plus so much more, on this week's episode of Destination Linux.

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Full Show Notes (for links and such)

00:00 = Coming up on DL195
00:28 = Welcome to Destination Linux
01:09 = Ryan's Week: Virtual Reality is Awesome!
05:57 = Michael's Week:
06:39 = Noah's Week: Manjaro on the Pinebook Pro
08:57 = Digital Ocean - VPS & Cloud Hosting ( )
09:45 = Community Feedback: Jitsi And Other Video Conferencing Software
16:49 = Interview with Matthew Miller (Fedora Project Lead)
49:25 = News: Libre Office Release 10th Anniversary & Conference
52:13 = Gaming: Debian Gaming Conference Event
53:57 = Tip of the Week: /sbin & more
55:41 = Software Spotlight: Nextcloud Deck (Kanban Board)
57:32 = Outro: Become a Patron
58:01 = Outro:
58:24 = Outro: Join the DLN Community!
58:51 = Outro: Journey Itself . . .
58:58 = Patron Post Show (Weekly Exclusive Patron Hangout)

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