199: Linux Hardware Galore with Raspberry Pi, Nvidia & Dell


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On this week’s episode of Destination Linux, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new exciting Pi and an Nvidia entering the arena as well with their own Pi-like competitor. We've got some great news this week from Dell as they are pushing to improve privacy on their laptops for use with Linux. In our gaming section we give Noah that first person shooter, 360 no scope throwback that he’s been asking for and of course we have our popular tips/tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux.

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Topics covered in this episode:

Full Show Notes (for links and such)

00:00 = Coming up on DL199
00:39 = Welcome to Destination Linux
00:56 = Big Announcements!
01:06 = Episode 200 Will Be Streamed LIVE! (November 15th)
02:05 = DLN Game Fest on November 15th!
03:35 = DLN Gives Back Campaign
03:59 = New Gaming Show is coming to DLN!
05:23 = Community Feedback: KDE Plasma Bigscreen (Media Center)
12:02 = Send us some Feedback
12:40 = Digital Ocean - VPS & App Platform (https://do.co/dln)
13:44 = Raspberry Pi 400 - Pi in a Keyboard!
24:03 = Nvidia Jetson Nano - Developer Kit
31:30 = Check out Hardware Addicts podcast (https://hardwareaddicts.org)
31:38 = Dell Brings Privacy To Next Gen Laptops
36:23 = Security Advisory: VPN & Google Chrome Exploits
38:08 = Bitwarden - Open Source Password Manager (https://bitwarden.com/dln)
40:30 = Gaming: Prodeous (Retro First Person Shooter)
43:24 = DLN Game Fest Reminder :D
43:50 = Tip of the Week: /var
45:02 = What's Happening with CUPS & Linux Printing?
47:19 = Noah Returns!
48:28 = Software Spotlight: PhotoRec (Recovery Tool)
57:17 = Outro of Epic Proportions
57:43 = Join Us for Episode 2-Oh-Hundred LIVE This Sunday!
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58:25 = DLNStore.com For Some Awesome Swag!
58:55 = More Great Content at DestinationLinux.Network
59:34 = The Journey Itself . . .

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