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This week we are joined by Dr. Gerald Pfeifer, the Chief Technology Officer of SUSE and Chairman of the openSUSE Board for an interview about SUSE, openSUSE & his journey in Linux. Later in the show, we’re also covering Ubuntu’s new fluttering Desktop Installer and in the gaming section, we’ll travel to the viking world of Valheim. Plus we've also got our famous tips, tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux.

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Full Show Notes (for links and such)

00:00:00 = Welcome to DL212
00:01:31 = Community Feedback: Element Removed from Android Play Store
00:06:56 = How to send us Community Feedback
00:07:29 = Digital Ocean - App Platform / Cloud ( https://do.co/dln )
00:09:20 = Interview with Gerald Pfeifer, CTO at SUSE & Chairman of openSUSE Board
00:56:46 = Bitwarden Password Manager ( https://bitwarden.com/dln )
00:59:28 = News: Ubuntu's New Installer & More
01:07:50 = Gaming: Valheim - Viking Survival Game
01:10:01 = Software Spotlight: Markets - Stocks Cryptocurrencies & More
01:11:58 = Tip of the Week: Intro to Podman & Containers
01:13:53 = Outro

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