Episode 27: Nancy Cole Silverman

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My name is Carol Childs. I'm a reporter... And now, right in front of me was exactly what I needed, a damn good story. -- Shadow of Doubt, Nancy Cole Silverman Nancy Cole Silverman worked both on the air and behind the scenes in radio, covering every kind of story. That wealth of experience creates the world of Carol Childs, "the world's oldest cub reporter." Having moved from sales to the newsroom -- against the better judgment of her new boss -- Carol needs to score a headline story in Shadow of Doubt, the first book in the series. And then, early one morning, a distraught neighbor pounds on her door. Nancy takes the headlines and shapes them into satisfying and clever mysteries, although the real pleasure is watching her protagonist, Carol, with her friends, family, and colleagues. Having worked in news myself for a spell, Nancy captures the craziness and camaraderie to a T. Book Two of the series deals with human trafficking, and I can't let the opportunity pass to remind you of the crackerjack (although much harder-edged) P.I. novel by Desiree Zamorano that mines some of the same territory. You can check out my interview with Desiree to see if it's your cup of tea. But whatever else, don't miss Nancy's deft treatment in Beyond a Doubt. Nancy mentions that one of her favorite writers is Sue Grafton -- who of course is one of mine as well. But if you're a fan of older mysteries, let me recommend the novels written by Sue Grafton's father, C. W. Grafton. The Rat Began to Gnaw the Rope is a terrific mystery from the 1940s and one of my all-time favorites. In honor of Halloween, I have to link to her scary short story, The Blood Drive. Check out Nancy's website or follow her on Twitter, @NancyColeSilver As always, if you'd rather read than listen, the transcript is below. Enjoy! -- Laura Transcript of Interview with Nancy Cole Silverman Laura Brennan: Nancy Cole Silverman is an author, on-air news reporter, and radio sales and managing superstar. Like Ginger Rogers, she did all this in high heels, at a time when there were few other women in the newsroom. Nancy has channeled her vast knowledge of radio, crime, and human nature into the multilayered Carol Childs Mysteries. Nancy, thank you for joining me. Nancy Cole Silverman: Thank you for having me, Laura. It’s a joy to be here today. LB: Since the local news is the background for your series, why don’t we start there? You started by taking the world by storm in local news, isn’t that right? NCS: Well, not in Los Angeles, but yes, I started in radio way back when women’s voices were considered too light and too feminine for anything too hard. And then I kind of fought my way to stay in news and when I moved to L.A., I did both news and copywriting and ended up with a career on the business side and retired as the general manager of a talk radio station. LB: And when you did that, that’s when you started to turn to writing? NCS: I did. I did. I had always been a writer, I had a degree in journalism, both broadcast and print, so I had always done some writing, but when I got to Los Angeles, broadcast was really something I wanted to get into. And so I spent some time, both in print and broadcast journalism and then kind of got the ‘golden handcuffs’ put on me, as they say, where you start in the sales department and the marketing end of the business and you make a lot of money and, really, unfortunately, more than the reporters’ side does. So I ended up spending a lot of time there and always wanted to go back, kind of like my character, to the talent side. So when I was dreaming up what I was going to do after I retired, as general manager of a sports radio station -- which is only proof God has a sense of humor, because I was not a sports babe -- I decided I would go back into writing. And having had a reporter’s background, it was pretty easy to pull from the headlines and make this up as I went along. LB: Well,

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