Episode 28: Alexia Gordon

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She grabbed a paperweight and faced the large man, drawing back her arm. "I'm warning you. I was starting pitcher in the Girls' State Fastpitch Softball Championships." The man laughed, rich and throaty. "Go ahead. Throw it." Gethsemane hurled the weight. It sailed through the man's chest, disappearing into him like a sugar cube into hot coffee... -- Alexia Gordon, Murder in G Major I am always thrilled to find a new series I like, and Alexia's Gordon's Gethsemane Brown Mysteries did not disappoint. Cozy with a paranormal twist (and set in Ireland, swoon!), Murder in G Major launches a wonderful new voice. Alexia is a fan of music, whiskey and classic puzzle mysteries, and all three of those play a part in her series. Like Dr. Kwei Quartey, whom I interview here, Alexia is a medical doctor as well as a mystery writer. We also talk about fellow Henery Press writer Gigi Pandian, whose interview can be found here. Alexia credits Southern Methodist University's The Writer's Path with helping her wrangle her first novel. I also loved her sweet dedication to her parents, who, among other things, let her "have an unrestricted library card." My kinda folks! I realize these aren't books, but Alexia gave a shout-out to two of my favorite series: Northern Exposure and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. While I loved the movie -- Rex Harrison, c'mon! -- it was the TV series that made me want to live in a cottage by the sea, ideally with a ghost in the attic. It just seemed so fun to have one around. And, if you haven't read it, both are based on a charming book by R.A. Dick, the pseudonym for Scottish writer, Josephine Leslie. Two writers she talks about are Walter Mosley and Eleanor Taylor Bland. Alexia also loves Irish music, and if you want to check out the band she mentions, they are the Dropkick Murphys. Check out Alexia's website and her Facebook Page for more info about her work. And if you'd rather read than listen, the transcript is below. Enjoy! Transcript of Interview with Alexia Gordon Laura Brennan: My guest today is Alexia Gordon, novelist and Renaissance woman. Among her many accomplishments, she’s a writer, a medical doctor, and a lover of music. It’s this last one that defines her series protagonist, Gethsemane Brown, an African American classical musician who finds herself stranded in Ireland -- and befriended by a ghost who just wants one little favor… For Gethsemane to solve his murder. Alexia, thank you for joining me. Alexia Gordon: Hi. LB: Before we dig into your wonderful new series, let’s talk a little bit about you. You started out writing at an early age. AG: Yes, ever since, elementary school, ever since I was old enough to write. I think it was in the 6th grade, we had a poetry unit and one of our assignments was to write a poem for our classroom poetry contest. And I wrote something that looking back on it, it was completely ridiculous, it went on for, I think, a few pages, about a superhero named XY. But my classmates voted that their favorite poem, so I won a Shel Silverstein book, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and I still have it somewhere at my parents’ house. LB: It’s amazing, isn’t it, how just a little encouragement can push you along on the path? AG: Yes. I credit my parents for encouraging me. I wouldn’t have done it if they had said, no, go do something more practical. So I do give them credit for that. LB: Although you did have a competing passion. Because you became a medical doctor. AG: Yes. Well, my parents did also say that I needed to be able to pay my bills someday. So they said, writing is fine, it’s wonderful, keep doing it, take all the writing classes you want, go to the library, buy books… But you also have to go to school and get a degree that will allow you to get a job and move out of our house and pay your bills. They love me but they wanted me to be financially independent. LB: It’s interesting, though,

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