Episode 30: Vicki Delany

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I ran up the steps and opened the door. The delicious scents of freshly baked bread, warm pastry, ginger, and cinnamon washed over me. I took a deep breath. Heaven, I sometimes thought, must smell like Vicky's bakery... -- Vicki Delany, We Wish You a Murderous Christmas Vicki Delany blogs as the One Woman Crime Wave -- and boy, is she ever. She writes historicals, stand alones, a police procedural series, and several cozy series. Her latest book, We Wish You a Murderous Christmas, launches today, November 1st, as this interview goes live. Can't get enough of Vicki? Me either. Check out her website, her blog, her Facebook page, and, on Twitter, @vickidelany. In the interview, we talk about her Constable Molly Smith series, her cozy series, and her upcoming -- March '17 -- Elementary, She Read, the start of a new Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery series. One of Vicki's great talents is the ability to shift genres; her cozies perfectly capture the form, while her stand-alones are the top of suspense and her procedurals envelope you in the investigation. Vicki also writes mysteries for reluctant adult readers, called Rapid Reads. I think this is a brilliant concept -- short, easy-to-read and compelling stories for adults who, for whatever reason, struggle with reading. You can check out the latest, Haitian Graves, and find out more about the Rapid Reads series from the publisher. Enjoy! Transcript of Interview with Vicki Delany Laura Brennan: My guest today has been called “one of Canada’s most prolific and varied crime writers.” Canada nothing, Vicki Delany is one of the world’s most prolific and varied writers, with multiple series and stand-alones in a variety of genres, from cozies to historicals to police procedurals and thrillers. Vicki, thank you for joining me. Vicki Delany: Thank you very much, Laura, for talking to me. LB: There is so much to talk about, but let me start by saying how impressive your output is, not just because you can write across genres, but also because you started writing while a single parent holding a full-time job. VD: That's right. LB: Tell me a little bit about those Sunday writing sessions. VD: Well, the Sunday writing sessions is a long way to go about producing a book. I mean, my first book took me four years. But my children were still living at home and they were still kids and, as you said, I had a full-time job. So I started out, a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon was about the only time I could go to my writing. I also should mention that I took several writing classes which I think is a great way for a beginning writer to get started, not only because you're being taught the tricks and the craft of the trade so to speak, but it requires you to do some work, particularly if there's some expectation you'll come to class next week with output. So anyway, I took some classes and I plugged along and it took me four years to write my first book and then my children grew up and I retired from my job at the bank and on it went. LB: I take so much dedication to write a book over the course of four years. Why were you driven to write a mystery? VD: I don't know if driven is even so much the word. In my case, it was a little bit of the cart coming before the horse. Because my first idea was that I thought I might like writing for children, because I have three daughters. And one year at Christmas I wrote them a special story as the Christmas present, just a children's story and it had their names as one of the characters and I printed it out and tied a pretty red ribbon around it. And I liked that, so I took a creative writing course at my local community college. And fairly quickly I decided that I didn't want to write for children, but I was really enjoying the class. So I thought, gee, I wonder what I should write now? Well, I read mystery novels, so maybe I'll try my hand at that. So actually,

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