Episode 31: Leslie Budewitz

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The Market is not a quiet place. Thousands of people stroll the streets and sidewalks, chattering and calling to each other... Street musicians sing and play guitars... Vendors proclaim their wares, and customers barter for better prices on beans and broccoli... For one long moment, it all stopped, sucked up by my mother's sharp intake of breath. "Peggy Manning," she said. "I thought you were dead." -- Leslie Budewitz, Killing Thyme I am thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Leslie Budewitz, whose Spice Shop Mysteries and Food Lovers' Village Mysteries are always on my must-read list. First things first: check out her website for info on her books, upcoming events, and recipes -- definitely do NOT miss those! In addition, she is on Facebook and on Twitter. Writers out there, she also has an Agatha Award-winning nonfiction book, Books, Crooks and Counselors: How to Write Accurately About Criminal Law And Courtroom Procedure. Just sayin'. Leslie gives a shout-out to some of her favorite books and authors, including Sheila Connolly, who writes the Museum Mystery cozy series, and Cleo Coyle's series, the Coffee House Mysteries, set in Greenwich Village -- recipes abound there as well! Plus talent runs in the family: Leslie's cousin is New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Childs. Leslie and I both recommend Sisters In Crime for both published and yet-to-be-published writers. Leslie is a SinC past president and credits much of her success to being a member of The Guppies, the online chapter of Sisters in Crime. And finally, here are Leslie's two series, in order: Food Lovers' Village Mysteries 1 - Death Al Dente 2 - Crime Rib 3 - Butter Off Dead Spice Shop Mysteries 1 - Assault and Pepper 2 - Guilty as Cinnamon 3 - Killing Thyme I'm sorry to all the other writers out there, but "Crime Rib" = Best. Title. Ever. Enjoy! - Laura ************************* Transcript of Interview with Leslie Budewitz Laura Brennan: Leslie Budewitz blends her passion for food, great mysteries, and the Northwest in two light-hearted mystery series: the Spice Shop Mysteries, set in Seattle, and the Food Lovers’ Village Mysteries, set in northwest Montana. Her books focus on strong women who share her passions, and have a talent for finding trouble. Leslie, thank you for joining me. Leslie Budewitz: It's a delight. Laura: So, normally, I write my own intros, but yours was so good that I just shamelessly stole it off of your website. It so accurately captures your heroine -- strong women who share your passions. And get into plenty of trouble. I love that so much. Leslie: When passion leads you into trouble, gosh, that's when a great story develops, don't you think? Laura: I do. I absolutely do. So before we talk about them, I want to talk about you. You do not get into trouble. Leslie: Not the same kind of trouble is my characters. Laura: But you are a lawyer. Leslie: Yes. Laura: That's how you started out. Now, is that fun? Leslie: I enjoyed the practice. But I will say that I enjoy killing people on the page more. Laura: So you weren't tempted to write legal thrillers? To use your legal background? Leslie: No, I never really was. I've been practicing law for about 30 -- oh good heavens -- 32 years. Now very part time, doing civil litigation, meaning personal injury work, business litigation and some employment law. And I have had some great experiences, met many wonderful people, met some not so wonderful people as well. Which is great because that gives me fodder for other stories. But I didn't really want to go into the courtroom world in my fiction. I have a lot more interests than just the legal world. And so it's been great fun to explore other things. If there are lawyers in my stories they tend to be herbalists, or retired lawyers who make fudge. People who have found other ways to make a living beyond their practices. Laura: Well, I love that about your books,

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