2020 Australasian AID Conference - Keynote address: Women, peace and security


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In this keynote address, Dr Radhika Coomaraswamy discusses the evolution of the women, peace and security agenda, from representation and participation of women in peace processes, transformative justice and women combatants to livelihoods and empowerment of women in the post-conflict era and the role women play, and can play, in the prevention of conflict. Drawing on her personal experiences in the field, she explores the dilemmas and day-to-day lived realities of women in conflict and post-conflict theatres of war, and points to some of the challenges that lie ahead for the women, peace and security agenda in the international community. Keynote Speaker: Dr Radhika Coomaraswamy, lawyer, diplomat and human rights advocate Chair: Dr Jeni Klugman, Managing Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security

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