TDSIG Developod Episode 8 - Creating a Culture of Teacher Development


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In this 8th episode Silvana Richardson, Head of Teacher Development of Bell schools UK, talks about creating an organisation-wide culture of teacher development and the importance of this. Silvana zooms in on a few elements of the teacher development programme which listeners may be less familiar with, namely ‘supported experiments’, ‘lesson study’ and ‘learning walks’. She also gives an overview of the idea of ‘INSPIRE’ development, which was the title for a talk that Silvana delivered with Gabriel Maggioli at IATEFL 2018. 00.57-10.27: Establishing and reviewing a culture of CPD 10.27-26.25: Supported experiments, Lesson Study, Learning Walks and other tools for CPD 26.25-29.27: ‘INSPIRE’ teacher development

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