S5E7 - Interview: Andy Crouch & Amy Crouch: My TechWise Life


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Can we live more genuine, compassionate, and focused lives online? Well-known Christian author Andy Crouch joins his daughter Amy Crouch for a fascinating conversation on living My TechWise Life: Growing Up and Making Choices in a World of Devices

Amy’s book is a follow up to the The TechWise Family by Andy Crouch: and the family Amy grew up in! Now a junior at Cornell University, she writes her own volume on what it was like as a teenager to grow up in a household with a certain approach to the iPhones and technology that we live with everyday.

Our interview is packed with fascinating bits including:

  • What does it feel like for a teenager growing up with SnapChat and social expectations online?
  • How does technology interact with our own vulnerability and self-doubt?
  • How do we confront distraction?
  • How do parents and kids work together on creating family approaches to technology?

Also—we ask Andy Crouch (author of Culture Making and former editor of Christianity Today) magazine what he makes of the current startling events in Washington DC, how technology has affected what has happened, and what he thinks the church can do in response.

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