Decrypting Next Gen TLS, Nubeva


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With claims of Internet traffic encryption levels at 95% and cloud communications up to 100%, it's increasingly difficult to see malicious activities happening on our networks. Encryption is a good thing, of course, until it hides nefarious network traffic and payloads. Then we want to know about it, be able to diagnose it, and take appropriate action. Encryption can be a double-edged sword. Steve Perkins, CMO of Nubeva, joins us on DevOps Chats to talk about Nubeva's solution for out-of-band decryption of next-generation TLS communications. It makes sense that cybersecurity teams desire this new level of visibility, and DevOps teams working with APIs and cloud encrypted communications also want the option of taking an "outside-in" view for troubleshooting, addressing compound performance problems, etc. We explore with Steve the benefits and use cases for Nubeva, how it works, and how Nubeva provides this level of visibility while maintaining the integrity and security of TLS communications. Join us as we explore new and unprecedented levels of access to encrypted communications.

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