Using Drones, Containers, Imaging, and AI For Farming, Spinnaker Summit 2019


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Spinnaker Summit 2019 Preview: Never underestimate an entrepreneur looking to solve a real-world problem. Aerobotics is bringing drones, imagery, mapping, containers, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, data pipeline processing, and machine learning to agriculture. Sounds interesting, right? Aerobotics uses aerial drones and sophisticated image processing to help growers manage yield, pest & disease in their farms through Artificial Intelligence. Speaking at the upcoming Spinnaker Summit in San Diego, Aerobotics’ head of software Nick Coles, shares with us how his company evolved from making drones to map orchards into a software company using raw image data to create high resolution, georeferenced maps of orchards. Aerobotics technology is comprised of a map engine and tree engine. It's both a fascinating problem space and exciting application of cloud-native technologies, including Spinnaker. This episode of DevOps Chats features a preview of Nick's talk; “The Future of Farming with Aerobotics”. Nick's talk is on Sunday, November 17 12:30 PM, at Spinnaker Summit 2019 in San Diego.

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