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Day 158 of the podcast, reading Job 33-35 NET, read along at:

This is day 158 of our journey.

Elihu continues to speak his self-important "wisdom" to Job. With many words and much rambling, Elihu restates the arguments of the three older men, but his tone is even more condescending. He claims that Job is a fool for claiming to be innocent before God (missing Job's statements about his guilt). He accuses Job of failing to help the weak and poor, accusing him of lying when he claimed otherwise. He restates the "obvious" fact that man's wickedness cannot be hidden from God and that hardships are used by God to correct. In all, Elihu speaks with great pride in the wisdom that he thinks he has, not realizing that he really isn't saying anything new.

Join me in Job 33-35 to hear the long-winded rebuke of Elihu.

Key verses:

Job 33:19
Or a person is chastened by pain on his bed,and with the continual strife of his bones,

Job 34:25
Therefore, he knows their deeds,he overthrows them in the night and they are crushed.

Job 35:16
So Job opens his mouth to no purpose; without knowledge he multiplies words.”

All Scriptures are from the NET.

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