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Joseph Armstrong (@josepharmstrongyoga) is a Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner, who runs the morning Mysore program at Miami Life Center and offer courses on OmStars.com. He credits the spiritual inquiry of yoga paired with recovery philosophy for pulling him out of a life of generational trauma, IV drug use, and despair. Joseph is an animal lover, sci-fi junkie, and newlywed.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Joseph on:

  • [19.15] Listening to his inner voice and letting intuition guide his life choices. After a long period of drug use and addiction, Joseph credits yoga with giving him the ability to make better decisions that have a positive impact on his health and relationships.

  • [23.14] Joseph talks candidly about his family’s history of addiction and how his experience of neglect and abandonment led to his own struggle with drugs. He reveals how his difficult childhood contributed to his self-destructive behavior and made him uncertain how to relate to others.

  • [34.37] His introduction to Ashtanga and its role in his recovery. The rigorous and structured practice of Ashtanga provided Joseph with a disciplined daily routine and a sense of stability that had been previously missing from his life.

  • [43.11] His desire to exist gently. Joseph sees yoga as a mirror that allows him to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness, authenticity and acceptance. He believes that being kinder, more forgiving and gentler to ourselves can help us to become more thoughtful and compassionate to others.

  • [46.50] The pleasure he derives from the company of animals and his opposition to animal cruelty and exploitation. Joseph is a passionate advocate for animal rights, vegetarianism and veganism and he urges us to treat animals as sentient beings whose lives have value and meaning beyond their function as commodities for food and clothing.


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