Flying with Diabetes - T1D Pilots Set a New World Record


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Can you pilot a plane when you have diabetes? Our guests this week say absolutely yes! Two private pilots, Douglas Cairns and Thor Dahl, share their stories and explain why they went after a world record recently. They visited the most US states in 24 hours, to show that a T1D diagnosis shouldn’t ground you.

We talk about the current regulations surrounding flying in the United States and other countries and why Douglas and Thor continue to push the limits toward change. Check out Douglas's websites Flying with Diabetes and Pilots with Diabetes.

Plus, a little bit of an editorial this week. Stacey talks about how she posted in her local group about the really widespread use of the word “dread.” She's not a fan - why she wants us to think before we use it again.

Stacey is the MC for the debut of Bike Beyond - The Documentary in Charlotte this Sunday 8/19. We followed them coast to coast last summer. You can hear more about the ride here and more about the plan for the documentary in this episode. Watch the trailer here.

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1:50 Stacey Welcome

5:15 Stacey talks to Douglas and Thor about flying with T1D

38:30 Why "The Dreaded" is driving Stacey bananas - a little bit on language and fear

43:30 Update on Benny's return from sleep-away camp


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