Renza Scibilia is Deliberately Non-Compliant / Type 1 Renegade Run


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Once called deliberately non-compliant, this week's guest is all about the importance of language when it comes to diabetes. Renza Scibilia has some strong opinions about why words really matter.

We’ll talk more about her non compliance – it has to do with her Looping, using one of the do it yourself options - and about her diagnosis as a young adult. Plus, information from Diabetes Australia and The Grumpy Pumper

In our Community Connections this week, the Type 1 Renegade Run is making noise in the Northeast. The event this past weekend marks the 7th year of this obstacle course and block party.

And a closer look at keeping insulin at the right temperature from the pharmacy to your fridge. JDRF, ADA & Helmsley Trust are teaming up to study this issue.

Did you see Chris Ruden pop up in the NBC Titan Games promo?! Here's our interview with the T1D body builder from last year.

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----- 1:30 Stacey Welcome - Syracuse and DC round ups, looking ahead to the DiabetesMine Summit

4:00 Interview with Renza Scibilia

39:40 Interview with Renegade Run's Tyson Sunnerberg

52:00 Know Better: insulin study

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