T1D Advocate Quinn Nystrom / MySugr CEO Frank Westermann


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Advocate and author Quinn Nystrom was diagnosed with type 1 as a young teenager, just a few years after her little brother developed T1D. Her high school prom date inspired the title of her book, "If I Kiss You Will I Get Diabetes."

Quinn shares her story, talks about running for office and tells us what's next.

Plus, MySugr CEO Frank Westermann on how his company tries to help make diabetes suck less (and we get Stacey's reaction to that motto).

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2:00 Stacey welcome

3:00 Stacey shares podcast reviews (one is a question about the Facebook group, link below)

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5:00 Scott Johnson interviewed Stacey last week via FB live. You can watch that here or read the transcript! Stacey also shares the story of the first time she met Scott at the Friends for Life conference.

8:20 Interview with Quinn Nystrom

47:30 Interview with Frank Westermann

57:40 Stacey talks about events for next year

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