Welcome To Our Table [Introduction]


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Welcome to Dice Populi! Colin introduces you to a unique kind of adventure -- one that will be written dungeon mastered by five different people! Meet Patrick, Josh, Matt and Ryan as they introduce their characters and come together to tell stories in the nerdiest, best way they know how.

Here, the stage is set for Dicey Waters, a campaign set amid a chain of islands that was ravaged by magic but now serves as a dumping ground for prisoners and undesirables by the hands of the tyrannic Magelords.

The Dice People richly welcome you with character acting and original music, even before any D&D is played! If you must, skip ahead to "Escape From Farpoint, Part I" in the feed... but we strongly recommend you start the adventure with us here.

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Created by Colin Ketchen, Josh Palumbo and Ryan Mossbarger

Editing by Matt Canavan

Original Music and Sound Design by Colin Ketchen

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