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Today's guest is author, Dan Schilling, who is here to discuss his new book, The Power of Awareness: And Other Secrets from the World's Foremost Spies, Detectives, and Special Operators on How to Stay Safe and Save Your Life. He is the one to write this book because prior to his foray into writing ( he's written numerous books), Dan spent 30 years in the military, primarily as a Combat Controller and Special Tactics Officer. Dan was part of the legendary "Black Hawke Down" operation and other missions so secret, we don't even know their name. It is safe to say he knows a thing or two about how to stay alive. And he's sharing all his best tips in his book and on today's episode.
In addition to his book which is packed with exciting stories from his field work, Dan has made many of the tools and tips we discuss in the episode, available for free on his website! You can find those along with more about him and his book, here: https://www.danschillingbooks.com/
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