The Chauvin Verdict with Attorney + Author, Kirk Nurmi


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Welcome to TRIALOGUE: a courtroom conversation - a companion podcast to DIE-ALOGUE! In this Patreon only podcast, I will explore trials and cases in the news with lawyers and experts who will help us understand their larger application in the criminal justice and true crime world. They went to law school so I don't have to!
In the premiere episode, which drops on the DIE-ALOGUE feed so all can listen, I welcome friend and past DIE-ALOGUE guest, Kirk Nurmi.
Because of his connection to the Jodi Arias case, Kirk can relate to what Eric Nelson, Derek Chauvin is likely feeling right now. He also puts forth a bold and beautiful call for a new kind of policing: kinder and gentler.
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You are used to killing the small talk, now it's time to WEIGH IN ON THE SCALES OF JUSTICE.

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