David Rudolf + Sonya Pfeiffer | Derek Chauvin Sentencing + Defunding the Police


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Many of you know that I followed Derek Chauvin's trial very closely, and so his sentencing was of particular interest to me. TRIALOGUE was the perfect place to debrief the sentence which was ruled on Friday, June 25. I am playing that episode for everyone here on the main feed as it is an important conversation, not just about Chauvin's sentence, but about criminal justice reform and the matters of defunding the police/police reform.
I brought on two experienced lawyers and fantastic people: David Rudolf ( criminal defense attorney for Michael Peterson) and his wife, Sonya Pfeiffer, former award winning journalist, turned lawyer. The two now focus entirely on wrongful convictions and host a podcast, ABUSE OF POWER, which recently won a webby- YAY!
We discuss the sentence, the judge, police reform, then David and Sonya have a moment about BLM, and finally, we get to CHAUVIN'S INSANE STATEMENT. You will hear that audio at the top before the conversation begins. It's a real head scratcher.
This is the book Sonya mentions- CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson- a book many have suggested and that I have on the short list!
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