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Today's guest is the multi-talented Lenora Claire – TV producer, casting director, art curator, media personality and victim’s advocate. Lenora has been stalked by a man for years and she quickly learned how to be her own advocate and her life’s work is now helping others do the same. Lenora pulls no punches. She speaks candidly about her experience and her ideas on how to improve the system for victims and prevent further traumatization within the true crime industry as well!
This episode is packed with tools, tips, and resources to help you or a loved one who might be experiencing stalking.
Learn more about Lenora here: http://www.lenoraclaire.com/
Follow her on social: @lenoraclaire
Flare personal safety bracelet: https://getflare.com/
LA County Crime Victims Advisory Board: https://da.lacounty.gov/victims/CVAB
Lifewire – removing your personal information from the internet: https://www.lifewire.com/remove-personal-information-from-internet-3482691
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