Diecast #227: House Hunting Blues, Distance, Corporate Leadership, Pitch Meeting


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Lots of complaining about personal problems in this episode. I don’t want to pin the blame on anyone in particular, but I will say that Paul never made any effort to stop me.

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Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Show notes:

00:00 Moving Sucks

The swivel arm for my microphone broke this week, which means I needed to have the microphone quite a bit further from my face than I usually do. You’ll probably be able to hear the difference. Over the last few weeks one of the most common phrases around the house has been “We’ll have to fix / replace that once we’re done moving.” This is yet another instance of something that isn’t going to get fixed until after we move.

17:20 Distance

Hi Shamus, and Paul,

Have you looked into Distance, the pretty neon laser puzzle racer again, it had a full release recently? Can you please write some articles about it, from the POV of a confused rally pilot that somehow got into that universe (eventually, I know you’ll be pretty busy for a while). I know you have the humor chops to make it highly entertaining!

Kind regards,

28:07 Corporate Leadership

Dear Diecast (Mostly Shamus but Paul can answer too)

In your last couple of “This Dumb Industry” and “Experienced Points” you have talked about how publishers being run by business people is one of the big problems with the industry. What reasonable solutions do you have to fixing this problem other than putting Shamus in charge.

Regards Eric

A point I wanted to make on the show before I got distracted: It’s really hard for a company to break out of rut. Even if the top leadership resigns, their replacements will come from (or by chosen by) the rest of the existing leadership. The people in charge of finding someone to solve the problem are the same people who have already failed to solve the problem. If you stack your ranks with people who think about increasing profits in terms of microtransactions, then that thinking is going to remain long after you leave. The new guy might experiment with new kinds of monetization, but he’s not going to perform a radical change in course and change the way projects are chosen, funded, managed, and marketed. If he he thought those things were a good idea in the past, then he wouldn’t be in line for the throne now. He would have been edged out or passed over for promotion in favor of someone more in tune with established company values.

44:29 Paul Pitches a Game

Here is the Super Mario 64 challenge I mentioned, where someone tries to play Mario 64 without using the jump button.

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