Diecast #228: Nimbatus, Digital Comics, Minecraft


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I normally keep my microphone on a swivel arm so it can hover near my mouth. The swivel arm fell apart last week and I’m not sure it can be saved, which is why I sound like I’m recording in an echo chamber now. I’m trying to work out some sort of arrangement where I can put the microphone closer to my mouth without needing to build a ridiculous tower out of books.

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Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Show notes:

00:00 Issac’s Birthday

My youngest turned 17 last week. He’s spent less than half of those years playing Garry’s Mod.

03:38 Steam Updates

So what do we think of the idea that store pages on Steam will feature a livestream of the game in question (if available) and you have to scroll down to see the trailer and other info?

06:27 Cardlife

Link (YouTube)

11:59 Flotilla 2 by Blendo Games

14:23 Nimbatus

Link (YouTube)

Also, I’m interested to think what people think of the pricing for Early Access games. Sometimes the developer starts high when the game is unfinished and lowers it at release, and sometimes they do the opposite. Both have advantages and disadvantages that I find fascinating.

23:28 Digital comic books

Here’s an overview on the distribution problems comics have faced over the years:

Link (YouTube)

37:12 Mailbag: Manhattan and other cities in games

Dear diecast,

Many game have included the island of Manhattan in New York as a game world due to it being iconic while at the same time easily isolated for a game world yet at the same time a metropolitan area is developed for residents not gameplay. If you were to be doing an open world based on New York how would you attempt to do it?

Yours JDMM

54:58 Mailbag: Microsoft and Minecraft

Dear Diecast

The comments on why Minecraft doesn’t need a version 2 made by Microsoft in this article seem to gel quite well with some of Shamus’s comments on how games companies should manage their properties. How do we feel about Microsoft these days?

Kind regards


1:00:46 Shamus Projects Update

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