Diecast #229: The Social Network, Oxygen Not Included, Bad Endings


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Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Show notes:
02:06 The Social Network.

Yes, I’m talking about an 8 year old movie. I’m sure you’ve been waiting all these years to hear my scattershot, non-committal take.

In the show I wondered what the man himself thought of the movie. As it turns out, other people have asked him the same question. Here is Mark Zuckerberg On The Social Network:

Link (YouTube)

11:38 Paul played some Oxygen Not Included.

Link (YouTube)

19:09 Shamus played the new Distance update.

If you’re curious how to get me to reflexively throw money at you, just make something like this:

Link (YouTube)

24:37 Mailbag: Windows 10 S

Hey guys.

I recently discovered the existence of Windows 10 S, which is apparently Microsoft’s response to the success of Chrome OS and Chromebooks. Did you know about this? It’s supposed to be faster, simpler, and more secure than regular Windows 10, but there are a few supposed features that make me think that it just might be Shamus’ nightmare come to life. In order of increasing horribleness, they are:

(1) you can upgrade to Windows 10 proper . . . if you fork over an extra $50,

(2) Microsoft Edge is not only the default browser but the only available browser, because

(3) you can only install software that you bought from the Windows Store.

I don’t think it’ll catch on in a big way, but can you imagine if it did? (And now I’ve scared myself. Great.)



Here is the video I was talking about that compares Denuvo with Microsoft’s UWP.

34:11 Mailbag: Bad Endings

How do you feel about badly-written endings in narrative-heavy games? Do they ruin the entire experience, or are they just one unpleasant hour and the rest of the game is still fine?

I feel like in theory, bad endings don’t have to ruin a game: for instance I think Life is Strange’s ending is really dumb but 60% of it is just slice of life character stuff that stands on its own, so the ending doesn’t cripple the whole game. Usually though, games feel structurally akin to a detective novel: most of the runtime has been building towards the ending in some way and if the conclusion to your locked-room murder mystery is “A wizard did it” then the whole thing was a waste of time.


44:04 Mailbag: Indies


To Shamus.

I noticed (that’s no fault of yours or criticism, just an observation, I want to apologize in advance for any potential misunderstanding), that you mostly write about AAA games. Do you want to try and write about something obscure? Like an AA game (e.g. Pillars of Eternity or Elex), or really niche RPG (from Spiderweb, for example). Just to stretch your muscles, so to speak. And I think that would be very interesting read from you. An outsider perspective of sorts

Best regards, DeadlyDark

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